About Mind & Reason

We are a group of philosophers, based mainly (though not exclusively) at the Department of Philosophy, University of York.

We meet weekly during term time for philosophical discussion, usually in the philosophy of mind. Each week somebody leads the discussion by presenting some of their own work, or work they are interested to discuss and their take on it. If they circulate it, we try to pre-read.

We try really hard to make the group feel as relaxed as possible. Thus while we welcome acute criticisms, we welcome even more ones which are coupled with helpful suggestions or comments which are exploratory of how a position the presenter is seeking to develop may be defended. We also welcome cake.

The other thing upon which we place some store is a commitment to as full an attendance as it is possible to do. Many of us attend every single meeting. The commitment is so that we all build up knowledge about each other’s interests, establishes a group esprit de corps, and underlines the point that everybody’s contribution is as valued as everybody else’s. New members are sought termly.

Find out what we’ve published here.

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